1. EYE: Receptacle part of hook-and eye assembly, consisting of engaging portion and base.
a) Engaging portion: Part of eye which receives bill of hook.
b) Base: Loops on both sides of engaging portion.
c) Shoulder of base: Part of base loop tack-stitched to tape.
d) Over-all width of eye: Measurement across base loops from extremity.
e) Width: Outside measurement across engaging portion.
f) Over-all length: Measurement from outside top of eye to outside bottom of base.
2. FOLD: Method of turning tape back on itself.
3. FRONT OF TAPE: Visible surface when tape is place on flat surface with eyes showing and pointing away from observer.
4. BACK OF TAPE: Reverse side of tape.
5. TOP EDGE: Edge of tape above engaging portion of eye (or first row of eyes if tape has more than one row)
6. BOTTOM EDGE: Edge of tape below eye (or bottom row of eyes of tape has more than one row).
7. FIRST ROW: Row of eyes farthest away from garment.
8. SEWING LINE: Horizontal stitches running parallel with edges of tape.
9. ADJUSTMENT: Distance between two rows of eyes, measure from sewing line to sewing line.
10. FLANGE: Distance between top edge and edge of first cover.
11. COVER: Tape used to cover base of eyes. First cover is for first row, second for second row, etc.
12. TACK STITCHES: Stitches used to secure eyes perpendicular to sewing line.
13. SEWING MARGIN: Distance between sewing line and edge of fold at sewn tape.
14. UNIT: Grouping of eyes for a specific garment application (Pattern is the specific location of eyes within a unit).
16. SKIP SPACING: Distance between on one group of eyes from a given point on one eye to the same point of adjacent eye in the nest group, measured at the tack stitch.
17. SPACING: Distance between adjacent eyes from a given point on one eye to the same pont on another eye, measured at the tack stitch.

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